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The time has come to update our website. If you haven't made it up to our brewery, Spring/Summer 2019 is the time to do so! Put it on your places to visit list. Our kombucha has gone from an idea to a real brewery! We're not rich, maybe not even middle class. Life is good, regardless,

Come to our brewery and foodiehouse. Meet our free range chickens; our geese may greet you with clamorous honks. Nigerian Dwarf goats will be nearby nibbling on hay. You may even catch a glimpse of our two milk cows chomping grass in the pasture. Ducks, rabbits. This is table and glass on farm, folks.

We are just 8 miles from the NYS border, located in the velvety rolling hills of Franklin Forks, Pennsylvania, just one mile from the amazing Salt Springs State Park where the owners of the brewery happened to meet!
Groovy Booch is a direct outgrowth of our kombucha and ferment business. Our focus will continue to be on developing unique flavors, probing fragrant depths and teasing out the subtleties which fermentation is all about. We've added much to our brewery list. Mead, Cider, Kombucha-Beer, Sangria Kombucha, White Kombucha Wine, even a beer here and there. For non-drinkers there are plenty of live culture drinks like water kefir, homemade soda, and for the simply thirsty, spring water.

We had such a great first year open that we have added a dining area and are offering a full menu of farm-to-table dishes and even some bar foods like cast iron pizza, farm made nachos, fermented salsa and sour cream, etc etc.

Come to the brewery, to the taproom or take a table. Outside seating is available on our rear deck and front as well in nice weather.

Bring a clean growler or bottle to fill or we have them a range of sizes for sale.

Groovy Brews Groovy Brews


Foodiehouse Foodiehouse Foodiehouse
The kitchen offers simple to complex appetizers and dishes to compliment your drink experience. Foods served are grown on farm and sourced locally---and our dishes appeal to a range of foodies. Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores, come one come all!

We serve raw, fermented, pickled, and cooked dishes.



Okay, sorry about the confusion with hours here. We are trying to maintain hours on three places online: Google, Facebook, and this website. Google does not change hours that we put in, so I just sent them a message requesting they delete our business page altogether. Who needs Google if they won't allow updates. We had posted on our blog that we were going to be open 12-3 on Wednesday but things that needed to get done today didn't because our van broke down this afternoon. Fortunately Alan over at Snake Creek Marine is going to take a look at it tomorrow. So we are set to open this Thursday 5p-9p and Sunday 1p-5p. We have had a lot of people asking if we're open Friday and Saturday and the deal is we do the farmers market on Saturdays year round and the hope is that eventually we can hire some help and start opening those days. We have had people as far away as NYC call to say they're going to be in the area and want to reserve a table for dinner on a friday/saturday. It's very frustrating, trust me! The good news is word of mouth is picking up. Wonderful. Sorry for the confusion. Hope to see you all soon! This Thursday is expected to be a busy night based on the number of folks inquiring if we''re open. Then again, in this business, you never know! lol  

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Well, we finally connected with a brewery name that we think captures what we are trying to do here. We have to do the paperwork to register it with the state and fed. The name is definitely available, legally speaking, so we'll announce it this week sometime and start to change our information over as well. We could use a logo and will either have to suck it up and invest in the software or hire a firm. It looks like we may keep Two Poets and a Dog active after all and continue operating the farm business separately and formerly set the two up as a limited liability. Cooool. 

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People keep asking if we'll do lunch hours.  Sure, why not! Best we can do is 12p-3p on Wednesdays. Thursdays 5p-8p and Sundays 1p-5p. I think those are pretty groovy hours. :-) Stop by and join us!!  

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Talking with friends, seems unanimous, everyone giving a Thumbs Up for the name, Alive Brewery & Foodie House. Some one suggested Alive Brewing & Foodie House. Another suggested Farm Table instead of Foodie House. We like the word foodie because it characterizes people who seek healthy, local food, without chemicals. What do you think?

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If you're interested in volunteering your time to work on our sustainable organic farm with an on-farm brewery and foodiehouse, this is your chance  to contribute to a worthy cause. We are in dire need of weed pulling, seeds planting by hand, outside cleanup, putting up fences, spreading gravel by hand, feeding animals, barn clean outs, building small animal houses out of repurposed wood. The list goes on. You will leave with some food or beverage in hand and a special invite to our first Oktoberfest this year! Contribute a couple hours to a full day, whatever you're willing to give. Get involved with your local farm community, it's important. Being close to those who make food is a good thing! Thank you.

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We've come a long way. Groovy Booch is closing in on being open for one year and we've managed to get through the winter with just a couple closings for bad weather! We closed for two weeks to add a dining area and expand the taproom, and wow what a difference! The brewery is still small but the extra space allows us to serve a number we are comfortable with without having to compromise in quality of food and service. We serve what we drink and eat---and with that comes an integrity to the way food is grown and prepared and where it is grown. We source first from our farm produce and meats (USDA) and next from our local farmer friends.  Preservation is a huge part that figures in our menu. Expect the unexpected. Expect Real. Chef Doreen mesmerizes the human palate. 

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Well, we've reached out to friends and our online family for suggestions for a new brewery name and received many thoughtful suggestions. This all started when our accountant suggested we bring our two businesses under one name. Makes sense. We do like the name we've given our brewery. Some people ask sometimes, So what is booch?  We answer. Booch is komBOOCHa! Groovy Booch has grown into more than kombucha. It's mead and cider and blends of kombucha and wine and beer. And food, delicious food made with whole ingredients by Chef Doreen who has a knack for teasing out subtle flavors and having the courage to integrate raw, fermented and cooked on one plate. The brewery is on our farm, which supplies much of the food that goes into the dishes. We keep asking ourselves: Does Groovy Booch capture what actually exists here? Should it have to? We have been leaning toward a Yes. The name that is currently in the lead is ALIVE, brewery & foodiehouse. Alive because we specialize in live culture foods---kombucha, kimchi, sauerkrauts, kefir, beet kvass, yogurts, cheese, that is integral to the food dishes. Other names we really like that are in the running are Moondog, Valley in the Forks, Highland, Farm & Kettle, Gilt Witch, Groovy Poets, and of course, Two Poets and a Dog.  We'll let you know when we decide, if we decide. Thanks for participating in this creative exercise with us. So many people at the farmers market and email have been talking to us about this, and that makes us happy. That's community at work.

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We have the first show at Groovy B tentatively set aside for a very special guest---and we are very excited. Our rear deck area needs some finishing work before performances commence. I'm thinking in May sometime.  There will be seating for shows and possibly standing room. Music is going to be the North Star here. Music, then food and drink.

Think of music at Groovy B as the "Little Desk" on NPR where folks gather to actually listen and enjoy the music for music's sake. Who knows, maybe it will become the Little Deck. lol I want to say something very important to me.  Musicians spend countless hours practicing, writing, and delivering music for us, the public. We owe it to them to give our full attention and appreciation during their set. I watched one of my favorite trumpet players on YouTube the other day giving a show in the USA. The clip was Chet Baker in the 1980s (I think) not long before he died---and he was performing one of his classic tunes, Almost Blue. The crowd carried on as if he wasn't there! Chet Baker?!! I almost cried watching that. Chet created such amazing music and there he was in the flesh. They've done the same to others. Please, let's keep art a precious commodity. Thank you. 

Our criteria for performing here is simple: The musician must deliver his or her own music. Covers are wonderful, but secondary to originals. Unless of course, you're Elvis Perkins, Janis Joplin (arisin!) Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Paul Simon, Jimmy Hendrix (arisin), Nora Jones, Rush, Angus Stone. You get it.  

If you're a musician and want to play here, we are looking for smaller bands, ideally one or two, acoustic, different styles, electronic, jazz, fusion, the unclassifiable; we are open to larger band size depending on your style etc. Shoot us a message at with a link from a video and a brief description of what you're doing musically. THANKS ALL! 

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Sorry...not animal/child friendly

Sorry...not animal/child friendly
We love dogs. We love all animals and living things. We love children. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we have many farm animals in proximity to our brewery that includes livestock protection dogs, we cannot permit animals of any kind or children on the premises.  Also, our insurance doesn't permit it. Licensed service dogs are the exception. If you can, please call ahead to let us know you're coming with a service dog that would help. Please have your license on hand when you come.

Persons must be 18 years old to be permitted on the premises. If you are under 18 years of age, please visit us at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market for our live culture kombucha and other fermented foods, which takes place every Saturday 9am-1pm year round on Front Street, Binghamton, NY. See their facebook page for more info.

THANK YOU for respecting our business and farm space. ~John & Doreen

The Farm @ Groovy Booch

The farm, the animals, the gardens, the people

The brewery resides on ten acres that includes a running stream and pond. There are apple trees, walnut, peach, pear, currants, grapes, raspberries, asparagus, rhubarb, and a garden that provides delicious food for the owners and the restaurant. The land is full of large pine and spruce trees that cloister the brewery and make it feel it is an island in a sea of green. There are cows, goats, and many feathered friends pecking around. The animals are part of the family here. It's hard work, the owners know. There's just the two of them that make it all happen. And they're lovin every minute of it.


  • Franklin Forks, Franklin Township, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 2296 valley view road, franklin forks, pa 18801

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