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Kombucha Brewery & farm kitchen

Offering live culture fermented kombucha and "boozy booch" on tap. Boozy, Fizzy, fuuuunnn

Groovy Brews

Our kombucha has gone from an idea to a bricks and mortar bonefied brewery!  You will be met by our free range chickens in the driveway when you arrive.  Our geese behind a fence may greet you with clamorous honks. A pair of Nigerian Dwarf goats will be lazily nibbling on hay. And you may catch a glimpse of our two milk cows chomping grass in the pasture.  Yes, this is a different kind of place. And it's small. Very very small.

This has been a wild and crazy journey for the two of us, and we couldn't have done it without your support. This project is an extension of our  love of fermentation. .

We are just 18 miles from Binghamton, NY, located in the rolling hills of Franklin Forks, Pennsylvania, about one mile from the amazing Salt Springs State Park.
Groovy Booch is a direct outgrowth of our kombucha and ferment business. Our focus will continue to be on developing unique flavors and probing fragrant depths and teasing out the subtleties that fermentation is all about.

Expect anywhere from 10-20 varieties of live culture kombucha and four to six varieties of boozy booch! Grab a seat in our taproom for a pour!

We will be serving up mainly TWO types of kombucha at Groovy Booch:

1) Our signature farm market kombucha brewed 100% raw that will available  for growler or glass fills.

2) Boozy Booch.  We decided to use this term to designate our line of kombucha that comes in at an alcohol (ABV) of above .5%.  Boozy booch is brewed the same way we do kombucha except we put it through a full second fermentation and/or utilize grains and add yeast. Expect an ABV range from 2% to 5.9%.  We will also do limited edition brews which offer well above that.  This is live culture/probiotics at its finest.    

Bring a clean growler or bottle to fill or we have them a range of sizes for sale.  

Groovy Brews Groovy Brews

farm kitchen

farm kitchen farm kitchen farm kitchen
This is going to be really good...

The farm kitchen will offer simple to very unique appetizers and dishes to compliment your drink experience. Foods will have been grown on farm or sourced locally---and we intend to offer real food for a range of diets.  There will be something delish for everyone.  

Most exciting of all: We are going to be offering an entire new wave of fermented foods and beverages from water kefir to live culture yogurts, milk kefir, farm cheeses, kvass---all made right here in our farm kitchen!!!! Let us say again...This is going to be really good!
Being a small farm kitchen and brewery, there is limited seating for those desiring to dine inside and outside. Food selections will be based on food and seasonal availabilty.   Trust us you are going to love the vibe.


The time has come to expand our microbrewery by adding another 300 square foot or so. It will allow us to put in four more dining tables,  which is much needed.  We'll still be small just with some elbow room!  More to this is there will be a rear deck overlooking our pond for people to enjoy!  Tables will be added there as well during the warm months. Very exciting for us. People are coming and having a great time and enjoy the authenticity of what we are doing. Real food, beverages. The kombucha are our own recipes, the boozy Booch is brand new, all made in small batches. We are striving to offer what other places are not. We think there is room for the experience of new flavors. Not just cider, but a cider kombucha! There are many very cool small breweries and we are still giddy to be part of it all. We'll keep you posted on the progress. 

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People ask us often: How much time does it take to make your kombucha? It's a full-time job, we tell them. From start to finish, there are many many steps to making kombucha the right way! We follow recipes, but kombucha doesn't always cooperate with the recipe, even if it was successful the week before or the week before that. Each new batch will have it's own characteristics, such as pH, which varies batch to batch. SCOBYs must be inspected daily. We are brewing a couple hundred gallons at a time and the tea needs the healthiest SCOBY in with it to complete the alchemy of kombucha. We are still fascinated by the fermentation process of kombucha, all those microbes working toward the greater good. Studies continue to surface showing the extent microbes influence health. The microbiome. The whole enchilada of microbes. Very cool.

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Kitchen menu will be updated with seasonal dishes. We will be announcing our first fall event, a communal dinner! And if the timing works out, we are going to invite a guest chef to join Doreen in the kitchen for it!!! And he's from NY State and brings a bunch of wholesome experience in the restaurant business. On the boozy side, our groovy booch has a new kombucha: Prelude To Fall, 5.1 abv. So far it is a hit!

So if you haven't gotten down to the groovy booch, fall will be certainly be the season to do so. We have many delicious soups and bone broth set for the menu and they are delicious. 

Coming soon: We will be posting a photo of Doreen on Facebook with some of her favorite farm animals that will include a short bio of her foodie experience and how she got into the driver's seat in the farm kitchen!  

You must come by to try our Prelude To Fall Boozy Kombucha! 5.1 ABV!!! We are working on getting our boozy kombucha into New York with the state liquor board and found someone inside willing to guide us along the process. Coming soon to a farm market near you!

We will also be open for our county's Artist Open House Weekend:

Columbus Day Weekend
                October 6, 7, 8, 2018
                10 – 6 daily
Sunday and Monday, Columbus Day, 1pm-6pm. Artist Open House is literally just that, artists throwing open their the door to their homes and studios. Admire the art or maybe buy a piece of art. Either way you are supporting local art and that matters so much to the artists themselves.   Check out the art, and please, please, stop by groovy booch at some point. Like minds convene. 

So what else? Oh, I almost forgot, we are going to be expanding our brewery to add more tables inside!!!! I'll save that one for my next post! lol

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We are very happy with the turnout to our new brewery! Thanks everyone who made the trip. We realize that if this little business of ours is going to succeed it is going to need word of mouth to drive customers here. No different than our kombucha business at the farmers market that has taken off. When people love what you sell they tell family and friends about it. The bottom line is people share things they care about. People are Sharing our facebook posts and that is word of mouth at work. So we just want to say Thank You to those who have taken that initiative. On a different note, we are going to attempt to maintain this blog and share our kombucha journey with you, along with farm stories. There's always something crazy going on here! So keep checking in and learn what it's like to do what we crazy people do!

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First thanks to everyone you came out to the brewery. Everyone tasted the boozy booch and it was unanimous: the flavors are like nothing they've ever had and they're delicious! People ordered pints, half pintsand left with full growlers and a full stomach. Far as we can see, it was a fantastic opening week! Please spread the word, our on-farm kombucha brewery & kitchen is open!

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Feeling accomplished. This brewery has been a work in progress for the last two years. Finally, it's coming together. An on-farm brewery, nevertheless. Our opening is set for Thursday, July 26th. Hoping many can make it. The beauty of what we're doing is making a traditional kombucha and boozy kombucha in a way never done for commercial sale and on such a small scale as our microbrewery. And that's exaclty what we planned. So in that sense this is very very exciting to watch unfold. Please come join the festivities at the grand opening and support the project of local, sustainable agriculture, healthy food and drinks, and small business.

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Today we received a truck load of gravel to open an additional parking area. The gravel is being spread as I type this message. Forward!

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I noticed that our webpage map, presumably a google map, has our location pinned on Route 29 when actually we are just off Route 29. I don't understand these maps. We put in our address as requested and that's how it mapped us. We'll try to get in touch with whoever's in charge, but fear it's going to end badly like the Kafka novel, The Castle, where the main character struggles to find the answer to the question, Who's in charge? Kafka died before writing an ending to The Castle, but it didn't need it. Gotta love the existential writers. Camus is another favorite. Groovy Booch WILL have Existentialist Night. Booze, good books and conversation. Wow.

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This is going to be interesting...

If groovy booch kombucha brewery & farm kitchen is ever going to succeed, it will depend on each and every one of you to make a pilgrimage here and/or spread the word that we exist. No amount of paid advertising can do for us what we've achieved with our kombucha and fermented foods as well as the excitement people have brought with them to taste it.

Our taproom seats 10. There's more room.  We built a bar out of pallets with a lean glazed oak top. Outside seating is set up with tables and some of our farm animals will be nearby to add to the company.  

For those of you who know us as Two Poets and a Dog---well, it has mutated into Groovy Booch Kombucha microBrewery & Farm Kitchen.  We will continue with the name Two Poets for our farm market kombucha and ferments.  For purposes of our new brewery license, groovy booch it is.  We hope you agree that groovy booch sums up what we're about.  

We are the proud holders of a Pennsylvania Brewery License acquired after many months of hard work and red tape.  We are excited, psyched, and completely humbled to be part of the craft brewery renaissance taking place in America right now.  We would like to thank some customers and farm market vendors who inspired us to get on and make it happen. 

Our intention is to brew specifically traditional kombucha, boozy kombucha, and mead, which we have aging.  Groovy Booch will also serve its signature farm market kombucha. Our boozy booch will be on tap -- 4-6 flavors.     

Boozy booch has an ABV ranging from 2 to 5.9.  We have an amazing cherry ginger sour inspired by the same kombucha at the market coming in with a 4.3% abv. 

 We are working hard to get this project up and going.  It's just the two of us here to do all the farm and business startup work.  

The only thing left is to make sure the driveway is ready for parking. It's a long driveway and gravel has been spread at the bottom making for ample parking space. We need to just fill in some bumps.  We are hard at work finishing up our long list before the door opens. Stay tuned, thanks so much.  

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Sorry...not animal/child friendly

We love dogs. We love all animals and living things. We love children. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we have many farm animals in proximity to our brewery that includes livestock protection dogs, we cannot permit animals of any kind or children on the premises.  Also, our insurance doesn't permit it. Licensed service dogs are welcome. Please have your license on hand when you come.

Persons must be 18 years old to be permitted on the premises.  If you are under 18 years of age, please visit us at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market for our live culture kombucha and other fermented foods, which takes place every Saturday 9am-1pm year round on Front Street, Binghamton, NY. See their facebook page for more info.  

THANK YOU for respecting our business and farm space. ~John & Doreen


Salt Spring State Park

The Forest of Hemlock Trees, three waterfalls, 437 acres, trails, cabins for rent under $75 a night, open every day of the year. Just a mile away from Groovy Booch. Street Address Silver Creek Rd & Salt Springs Rd Montrose, PA 18801 Phone: 570-945-3239 Manager: James Wassell E-mail: An equal opportunity employer


  • Franklin Forks, Franklin Township, Pennsylvania, United States
  • 2296 valley view road, franklin forks, pa 18801

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