A groovy expansion

31 Oct

The time has come to expand our microbrewery by adding another 300 square foot or so. It will allow us to put in three-four more dining tables, which is much needed.  We'll still be small just with some elbow room!  More to this is there will be a rear deck overlooking our pond for people to enjoy!  Tables will be added there as well during the warm months. Very exciting for us. People are coming and having a great time and enjoy the authenticity of what we are doing. Real food, beverages. The kombucha are our own recipes, the boozy Booch is brand new, all made in small batches. We are striving to offer what other places are not. We think there is room for the experience of new flavors. Not just cider, but a cider kombucha! There are many very cool small breweries and we are still giddy to be part of it all. We'll keep you posted on the progress. 

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