Fall is approaching

10 Sep

So if you haven't gotten down to the groovy booch, fall will be certainly be the season to do so. We have many delicious soups and bone broth set for the menu and they are delicious. 

Coming soon: We will be posting a photo of Doreen on Facebook with some of her favorite farm animals that will include a short bio of her foodie experience and how she got into the driver's seat in the farm kitchen!  

You must come by to try our Prelude To Fall Boozy Kombucha! 5.1 ABV!!! We are working on getting our boozy kombucha into New York with the state liquor board and found someone inside willing to guide us along the process. Coming soon to a farm market near you!

We will also be open for our county's Artist Open House Weekend:

Columbus Day Weekend
                October 6, 7, 8, 2018
                10 – 6 daily 

Sunday and Monday, Columbus Day, 1pm-6pm. Artist Open House is literally just that, artists throwing open their the door to their homes and studios. Admire the art or maybe buy a piece of art. Either way you are supporting local art and that matters so much to the artists themselves.   Check out the art, and please, please, stop by groovy booch at some point. Like minds convene. 

So what else? Oh, I almost forgot, we are going to be expanding our brewery to add more tables inside!!!! I'll save that one for my next post! lol

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