Groovy Booch: Ready or not here we come!

23 May

If groovy booch kombucha brewery & farm kitchen is ever going to succeed, it will depend on each and every one of you to make a pilgrimage here and/or spread the word that we exist. No amount of paid advertising can do for us what we've achieved with our kombucha and fermented foods as well as the excitement people have brought with them to taste it.

Our taproom seats 10. There's more room.  We built a bar out of pallets with a lean glazed oak top. Outside seating is set up with tables and some of our farm animals will be nearby to add to the company.  

For those of you who know us as Two Poets and a Dog---well, it has mutated into Groovy Booch Kombucha microBrewery & Farm Kitchen.  We will continue with the name Two Poets for our farm market kombucha and ferments.  For purposes of our new brewery license, groovy booch it is.  We hope you agree that groovy booch sums up what we're about.  

We are the proud holders of a Pennsylvania Brewery License acquired after many months of hard work and red tape.  We are excited, psyched, and completely humbled to be part of the craft brewery renaissance taking place in America right now.  We would like to thank some customers and farm market vendors who inspired us to get on and make it happen. 

Our intention is to brew specifically traditional kombucha, boozy kombucha, and mead, which we have aging.  Groovy Booch will also serve its signature farm market kombucha. Our boozy booch will be on tap -- 4-6 flavors.     

Boozy booch has an ABV ranging from 2 to 5.9.  We have an amazing cherry ginger sour inspired by the same kombucha at the market coming in with a 4.3% abv. 

 We are working hard to get this project up and going.  It's just the two of us here to do all the farm and business startup work.  

The only thing left is to make sure the driveway is ready for parking. It's a long driveway and gravel has been spread at the bottom making for ample parking space. We need to just fill in some bumps.  We are hard at work finishing up our long list before the door opens. Stay tuned, thanks so much.  

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