Update on expansion

20 Dec

Expecting to finish by mid-January. A beautiful feature of the new area is it has a sliding door that goes out to our rear deck with a gazebo overlooking a small pond. It's very rustic. You will love it. Hoping to have tables on the deck in the spring for food/drinks and do some events out there...including yoga?  We are going to be adding a Friday night, possibly Saturday night reservation-only pre-set menu. Pre-set in that the food for that evening will be determined. You will view the menu before you come. If you like what is to be served you will make a reservation.  We are going to offer a 5 to 14 course meal. The brewery will only open for dinner and drinks for those who make the reservation. We will still open other days for food and drinks. The reservation only food menu is going to be wildly interesting in that it will allow us to offer the best, most adventurous dishes imaginable and invite people who will be eating the same foods. In that sense it will be a communal experience since the serving time of the food will be the same for all guests.  More on this as it approaches. We are psyched!  

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