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Our kombucha has gone from an idea to a bricks and mortar bonefied brewery!  You will be met by our free range chickens in the driveway when you arrive.  Our geese behind a fence may greet you with clamorous honks. A pair of Nigerian Dwarf goats will be lazily nibbling on hay. And you may catch a glimpse of our two milk cows chomping grass in the pasture.  Yes, this is a different kind of place. And it's small. The better to brew, my friends!

This has been a wild and crazy journey for the two of us, and we couldn't have done it without your support. This project is an extension of our love of fermentation. .

We are just 18 miles from Binghamton, NY, located in the rolling hills of Franklin Forks, Pennsylvania, about one mile from the amazing Salt Springs State Park.
Groovy Booch is a direct outgrowth of our kombucha and ferment business. Our focus will continue to be on developing unique flavors and probing fragrant depths and teasing out the subtleties that fermentation is all about.

Expect anywhere from 10-20 varieties of live culture kombucha and four to six varieties of boozy booch! Grab a seat in our taproom for a pour!  

We will be serving up mainly two types of kombucha at Groovy Booch, and Raw Honey Mead and other off the beaten path brews like our fall harvest apple cider-concord grape ferment! We love experimenting but only put out our very best.  

1) Our signature farm market kombucha brewed 100% raw that will available for growler or glass fills.

2) Boozy Booch. We decided to go with this term to designate our line of kombucha that comes in at an alcohol (ABV) of above .5%. You could call it Hard Kombucha if you like. Boozy booch is brewed the same way we do kombucha except we put it through a full second fermentation and/or utilize grains and add yeast. Expect an ABV range from 2% to 6%. We will also do limited edition brews which offer well above that. This is live culture/probiotics at its finest.

Bring a clean growler or bottle to fill or we have them a range of sizes for sale.

Groovy Brews Groovy Brews
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